Double Flowmeter Double Flowmeter

Double Flowmeter

Double Oxygen Flowmeter suitable for central system

  • Provides the use of double output flowmeters from a single gas socket.
  • Consists of chrome plated brass material. 0-17 lt/min and 0-50 lt/min flow options are available.
  • Resistant to oxygen and compressed air. Central system connection jack is produced from brass material.
  • Polycarbonate humidifier bottle with 0,20 lt and 0.25 lt capacity (suitable for 121 and 134 degrees autoclave)
  • Our product has a 3-year warranty, excluding the humidification bottle.
  • The whole product is made of metal material, a product that can withstand the pressure and temperature of the autoclave and does not change over time.

Product Code:

GE 05 1000 DOUBLE FLOWMETER - DIN STN. - 0-17 lt/min
GE 05 2000 DOUBLE FLOWMETER - FR STN. - 0-17 lt/min
GE 05 3000 DOUBLE FLOWMETER - BS STN. - 0-17 lt/min