About Us


Çağdaş Medikal, which has been a manufacturer and turn-key medical gas system projects in the field of Medical Gas Systems and Equipment since 1983, continues to produce and develop itself with its innovative and solution partner approach.

Çağdaş Medikal acts with the awareness of responsibility for the healthcare services in Türkiye to reach world standards.

It uses all the advantages of being a manufacturer and develops the most suitable solutions for its customers by following the developments in the industry closely.

Çağdaş Medikal has been continuing its production in the medical industry with its reliable name for 39 years with its slogan "It is all about human life...".

Who is Erhan Kurtuluş, our founder?

Born in 1962, Erhan Kurtuluş completed his education in the Electronics Department of Maçka Technical High School. He started his professional life by repairing TV and Radio.

In the following years, he worked as a technician at Yeşilköy Airport and MedTek Medical Devices, and most recently he has worked as Operating Room Technical Service Supervisor at Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital.

While "Çağdaş Elektronik", which he founded in 1983, was only a TV and Radio Repair company, it transformed to "Çağdaş Elektronik Medikal Sistemleri" in 1993 and started to maintain and repair medical devices of various hospitals.

In the poverty period of Türkiye, it started production in accordance with the demands as a manufacturer company as a gap of the medical industry.