Medical Inspection Lamps for Small Operations Medical Inspection Lamps for Small Operations
Raya Monte Lamba Raya Monte Lamba

Medical Inspection Lamps for Small Operations

LED or Halogen Options are available.

  • The carrier legs have 5 wheels and are made of cast iron, so the risk of tipping is quite low. 2 of the 5 wheels are with brakes and 3 of them are without brakes.
  • The Diameter of the Wheels is Q50mm.
  • 20 cm Foot long
  • The circle opening is 50cm in diameter.
  • The connection of the lamp with the carrier can be disassembled and mounted.
  • Lamp connection height with carrier is 85cm.
  • The lamp can be adjusted up and down.
  • Its full height is 125cm up to the lamp connector.
  • Lamp is elastic and Portable. It has a light intensity of 7000 – 8000 Lux
  • 110 Watts
  • Impact area 500-600mm
  • Total weight 9.5 Kg

It can be used in small operation interventions, Obstetrics Clinic and Hair Transplantation departments. Portable, Wall Mounted and Rail Mounted options are available.

Product code:

L100 005 A - S
L100 005 A - R ( Rail Mounted)

Our products are German Provita brand, of which we have been distributor for 20 years.